Dedicated servers are the hosting type whereby you are assigned full control and access over the server’s systems and resources. These servers allow you to tailor the server as per your need in terms of capacity, bandwidth, RAM storage, etc. Using this server ensures that if your website has a huge traffic load, then there are fewer hindrances and congestion and no other websites hamper the performance of your website. For Bitcoin Dedicated servers, it provides you with the facility to smoothly run your Bitcoin transactions and connect to other Bitcoin users in a location.

But if you don’t know how a dedicated server hosting mechanism works, then continue reading to get the full idea.

Mechanism of working of a dedicated server

The first and foremost thing that you need to note is that each type of server hosting works according to the same mechanisms. Be it the shared hosting or Virtual Private Server or dedicated server; all these servers provide services based on the same principle.

The mentioned principle is that the server host takes a specific server computer and then divides it into a separate user account for shared hosting or varied virtual machines for VPS, making use of the special-purpose server software. The assigned server system/ accounts are then rendered at a lower charge to different users. For shared hosting, the maximum number of server accounts can scale up to a thousand but with VPS, only 10-15 virtual machines can run on it.

On the contrary to these two, the server host leases out the whole server computer to one user in a dedicated server. The said computer/machine is not shared by any other user, therefore giving full accessibility of the resources and system to a single user only. Based on the dedicated server you have chosen and the service provider, it can be either of the two things: a bare-metal server that you would have to configure by yourself according to your needs or it could be a server with the pre-configured specification for a particular feature such as database, gaming, Web hosting, etc.


Dedicated server hosting, in literal entirely means dedicated to a single user only. You don’t have to share resources and face any kind of traffic congestion if you make avail of the dedicated server services. Each server hosting works on an almost similar principle, either the server will be rented out or fully leased out to one user like in the case of a dedicated server.