Once you have implemented the strategies to attract qualified visitors to your internet sales channel, it is a fact that your company’s traffic will start to increase. From here, we’ll move on to the next stage of the funnel: turning visits into sales. You sure put a lot of effort into attracting potential customers. So, we don’t want them to leave without buying! To convince them to follow the buying journey, we share some recommendations to apply in your sales channel.

  1. Use Sales Techniques For E-Commerce

Awakening the desire to buy in the customer is not always an easy task. Therefore, many successful online businesses use techniques like issuing receipt (ใบเสร็จรับเงิน which is the term in Thai) to sell online quickly and in greater numbers. Among them, the following stand out:

Scarcity: to stimulate a sense of urgency in the public, products are advertised in limited quantities and promotions with deadlines (preferably short);

Cross-selling: translated as “cross-selling,” it is about offering products related to what the customer is accessing on your website — which helps to increase the average ticket of the business;

Upselling: very similar to the previous technique, it suggests products similar to what the consumer is interested in, but with lower values ​​— thus, a sale is guaranteed even if with a lower total.

  1. Inspire Reliability When Selling Online

Another essential factor at this stage of the sales funnel, which can help your potential customer to close a purchase, is the feeling of trust that your online store must convey. Let’s take a practical example: in a physical store, the consumer can talk to salespeople to clear up all doubts about the product they want, check its quality, and even try it on (such as a shoe or an outfit).

To offer this same security when selling over the internet and make your customer trust your product and buy it, you need to work on certain aspects of your e-commerce like generate a receipt (สร้างใบเสร็จรับเงิน which is the term in Thai).

About Us Page

Already introduced before, this is one of the most relevant pages for those who want to sell on the internet because it brings the target audience closer to the brand.

Imagine that a person searches for a product on Google and your company appears in the search results. If she doesn’t know your store, she’ll likely go to the About Us page to get to know you better and look for information that inspires buying peace of mind.