Choose the best

Tutoring is the oldest method of teaching, and the tutors play an important role in the learning process with the best techniques, skills, and knowledge required for the course or the exam. Tutoring TCAS (ติว tcas, which is the term in THAI) is nothing different from the other courses. Tutors offer their fellow students a wide range of knowledge in grammar, oral, written, and online exams. The tutors are an excellent resource for all your needs to help you succeed in jobs, exams, and entrance exams. They are ready to extend all services from physical teaching to online services and impart a wealth of information to the students of Thailand.

How to access it?

The tutors of TCAS work with students from elementary to postgraduate and even sometimes cater to the students pursuing Ph.D. Every tutor is highly experienced both in terms of knowledge and the method of imparting knowledge. They follow the process of skill-based knowledge so that the students can crack all the entrance exams and jobs with good, updated information on the subject and beyond. It is important to know if the tutor has past positive experiences with positive feedback and if the person is enthusiastic about the subjects that he is teaching. It is very important to choose someone who has an open mind to accept the view of other people. 

Tutors are not teachers.

It is important to know that a teacher in the school or college teaches and the tutor tutors. There is a difference, and this is highly maintained in the country. It is also important to note that a tutor is not a homework-completing machine. The most crucial task of a tutor is to make the tutee independent so that the student can become an independent learner but not by copying the steps of the tutor. A tutor helps the student develop critical learning skills that will help them learn by themselves in the future.