Whether you are dreaming of pursuing an undergraduate program from a top-performing institution or looking to grab admission to the prestigious University of Thailand, the SAT exam is truly a blessing for you. This is a comprehensive examination that checks the ability of students to think critically. So, when you’re preparing for this exam, you are actually preparing yourself for higher studies with a more realistic approach. Fetching a good score on SAT verbal exam is not so hard when you have Interpass beside you. But, still, if you need guidance, here you will get some secrets to getting a score over 700 or 800.

Strategy-based section is the key                                           

If you’re assuming to get better marks, then you must prepare yourself for strategy-based sections. This section can be a deal-breaker for many students; it is more complex. So, if you can score high in this section, your chances to clear the exam will be automatically better. It would be great if you were transparent about the format. Here, you have to answer 52 questions from 5 passages. The timeline is just 65 minutes. Your score needs to be between 500 to 800 to get a better opportunity. You no longer need outside knowledge in this, so fetch as many marks as you can here.

Secrets tips

In order to train yourself for the examination, start with the easy passages. It is better to give yourself comfort feelings during the exam. You will automatically charge up when you see you are easily answering the questions. So, you can hold the same confidence for the difficult sections as well. Do not leave the question unanswered; you will not be negatively marked for a wrong answer. You can skip it for later. But, at least try it with an educated guess. Zoning out is very common in this test. If you feel the same, change your positions and hold your concentration.