Ask most motorists and motorists which kind of automatic transmission fluid their automobiles’ transmission takes and you’ll be met having a blank stare. You imply that there’s several kind of transmission fluid? Let alone they should change their vehicle, truck or vans’ automatic transmission fluid on the bi-yearly basis.

To put it simply there’s several kind of auto transfer fluid. Next lined up is the fact that being an auto owner you need to change or top-up the fluid using the exact and proper type. Servicing of the auto type ( instead of manual or standard ) transmissions which break lower or need repair because of insufficient maintenance such as the wrong type and specifications of tranny fluid while you hopefully haven’t experienced yet – is extremely specialized, time intensive and pricey.

Do you know the various kinds and variations of automotive automatic transmission fluids? First of all there’s type “A”. “Type A’ fluid was broadly used previously for the foremost and easy, and none demanding early automatic transmissions models and setups. However, type “A’ fluid was substituted with Dexron. Dexron consequently was substituted with “Dexron II”. Typically now Type “F” and “Dexron II” are two of the most common kinds of automatic transmission fluids that many motorists and auto proprietors need know and can encounter in their driving careers. Most Ford transmissions must have the kind F whereas other transmissions used Dexron II. How you can tell. The fluid type ought to be clearly labeled around the container having a obvious visible stamp or emblem on the outside of from the plastic bottle or situation.

It’s most significant so that you can distinguish that Type F and Dexron II fluids won’t be the same by manner, form or characteristics they employ in working transmissions. Theoretically Dexron Ii is a lot more “slippery” than type “F”.

Therefore in making use of Dexron II fluid a motorist will discover that his or her vehicle shifts that they’ll have a softer shift pattern. However during mechanical design and designing, the types of materials selected for that friction elements, for example band facings and clutch-plate facings, are selected particularly together for the kind of fluid for use. With this reason clogging your gutters device crankshaft using the wrong or incorrect kind of fluid could cause your transmission with time to fail

Indeed Dexron II and kind F fluid have similar flow characteristics as well as heat stability. However, each one has another friction group of characteristics. The automated transmission fluid made by the Ford Motor Company need a fast lockup with little slippage because the clutches engage. And so the Type F fluid is known as for particularly in individuals Ford branded or manufactured automatic transmissions. It features a greater coefficient of friction than Dexron II.