The M2M is becoming probably the most important forward positions from the movable connecting field using the immense market possibilities. Because the field which first of all applied the M2M communication, the car transportation market is promoting fraxel treatments broadly. The backstage has the capacity to exchange the information information using the automobiles, and may monitor the positioning, running some time and fuel use of the automobiles, since the cellular receiver continues to be set up in the cars, trucks and high equipments.

The development rate from the M2M market continues to be stored greater than 20 % constantly. It’s predicated the shipment of the market will achieve fifty 6 000 0000 around of 2012. The economical crisis has influenced the M2M market, however it hadn’t altered the development momentum. The use of fraxel treatments has become wider and wider, which spreads from industry to family, community and college. The web of products are developing, therefore, the applying range is going to be wider later on.

From the purpose of module’s view, customers require module supplier to give the module items that are more powerful, more reliable and stable. Meanwhile, the look and technical supplied by the supplier ought to be more comprehensive. The vehicle electronics may be the primary direction of M2M application. The atmosphere from the automotive electronic application is much more adverse, which necessitates the terminal products to face up to our prime temperature, trembling, radiation and impact. Furthermore, there are lots of strict quality authentications for that vehicle terminal products.

The present communication chips can essentially meet the advantages of M2M application, but more tests must be taken to guarantee the excellence of the products. Really, the wireless communication module continues to be requested the vehicle industry for several years, like the dispatch control over bus, tracing system from the vehicle, the transportation of harmful goods. The attached integrated circuit is GSF05A20B.